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The Request Forms : An Introduction

How do I send my inquiries to Brenntag?

This Brenntag website makes sending inquiries to Brenntag easy.
Select the products you require and press the Submit button.
Your Registration : the link to your preferences
When you register, our cookie is stored on your computer. This cookie is send to us when you submit you request. This way you never have to bother again with typing in your e-mail address or a user ID or a password.
Your registration is valid for all forms on this Brenntag website.
The Products : select the right products
The Quantity : select the right quantity for each delivery
Indicate how many kilos, liters or packing units you require.
Optionally, indicate your annual consumption.


How do I register my preferences?

To give a very short answer,
You fill out registration form, which asks for:
Contact Information : E-mail, phone & fax
Your personal e-mail address, phone number & fax number, so Brenntag's product managers can contact you.
Your Name
Mr, Mrs, Ms or Dr. Your first/christian name and family/last name. So your product manager gets your name right (in writing at least). And your function title (e.g. buyer, purchasing manager, ...).
Company Information
Full Company Name (kindly include incorporation form (e.g. Ltd)), full address, delivery address & some basic facts about your company (activity, turnover, number of employees). So Brenntag, 'the corporation', knows whom it's dealing with.
Your registration is valid for all forms on this Brenntag website.


Cookies & Registering with this Brenntag website

What you need to know about cookies :
  • Cookies are a general mechanism which web sites can use to both store and retrieve information on their visitors.
  • Cookies are by themselves harmless small text files.
  • Your browser manages the cookies received from the sites or pages you visited.
  • When you revisit the site or page from which you received a cookie, that specific cookie will be sent back to that site or page.
  • With cookies you always remain anonymous, unless you provide your personal details to the site or page sending you the cookie.
How this Brenntag website uses cookies :
  • To avoid having to ask you for your personal details or your ID-name each time you use one of the many forms on this Brenntag website, we decided to use cookies.
  • When you fill out and then submit our registration form, we receive your personal details and preferences.
  • Our webserver then processes that information and sends you a confirmation and our cookie.
  • Our cookie contains our page address, your e-mail adress, your first name, your last name, the date you registered and the date your registration expires.
  • Our cookie is stored on the hard disk of the computer from which you have sent your registration to us. Thus, if you later visit us from another computer, you will be asked to re-register.
  • From then on, every time you submit a form from this Brenntag website, your browser sends the information in our cookie (and only our cookie) back to us (and only to us).
  • In our confirmation, we restate the information you sent back to us. We need this information to identify you and your preferences, and thus to answer you quickly and correctly.
If you set your browser to refuse cookies, then your registration will not fail, but you will have to type in your e-mail address and full name each time you submit a request to this website.
Your browser removes our cookie from your system once it has expired.

Equally, a number of utilities for anonymous surfing let you remove the referring page from your Submit request, by design our webserver will then refuse to validate your form.


What happens behind the scenes?

  1. Upon pressing the submit button, our webserver receives your inquiry and sends it on to Brenntag.
  2. At Brenntag the information in your cookie is linked with your registered details.
  3. At Brenntag your product manager prepares your quote and sends it to you by fax or e-mail.