Brenntag Green Product Line

Brenntag Green Product Line

Green Product Line

Sustainability and environmental protection play a significant role in our society and within companies. With our Green Product Line, we offer you across Europe environmentally friendly solutions.

Achieving Green Goals Together: Our Green Product Line

For many years, our diverse product portfolio and extensive knowledge has enabled us to fully support our customers in the development and production of their products. When it comes to green solutions, through our knowledge, our service and our range of products you won‘t find a better partner in achieving your green goals.

Our definition

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has developed 12 principles of green chemistry. For our service and product range we have chosen to focus on the top five. Thereby at least one of these 5 basic principles has to be fulfilled for our products, so that these can be included in the Green Product Line. The majority of our products fulfill between three and five of our basic principles. More information is available through your contact partner.

Five Principles of Green Chemistry

  1. Use of Renewable Feedstocks
  2. Safer Solvents and Auxiliaries
  3. Less Hazardous Chemical Syntheses
  4. Design for Biodegradation
  5. Design for Energy Efficiency

The brochures contain product lists covering the entire European product portfolio for the Green Product Line as well as regional product lists. A conscious distinction was made between European and local requirements in order to zone in on the needs of specific customer groups. Only in this way is it possible for each market to get the solution that it needs.
The product portfolio is to be expanded on an ongoing basis.

Our purpose is to provide comprehensive information on green subjects. We would like to work together with you to help you achieve your green goals. The next step would be to review your green requirements and specifications individually, focusing on specific needs, in order to arrive at custom solutions.
We provide you with professional advice concerning green objectives and we create and strengthen relationships among several business partners.

Met onze Groene Productenlijn-oplossingen voor

you will be one GREEN step ahead (pdf-brochure).

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